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Thank you to SongCloud for rootkit.tdss.v2 advice
Summary: Can't thank you enough for your earlier post regarding use of RKill etc: I had spent two days and much of two n...

TDSSKiller finds serveral treats
Summary: TDSSKiller finds 17 mediocre treats when the additional options (verify file digital signatures and detect TDLFS file system) are checked. Scanning wi...

Bootkit TDSS.d virus removal
Summary: Hi, I'm having problems in my pc. I'm currently using another computer to post this. I was doing a research for my college on google images when I was...

TDSS Trojan
Summary: I can't seem to get rid of the TDSS trojan. I've run McAfee, but it keeps coming back. Please help! ...

Win32 Trojan TDSS and UAC virus
Summary: Hi. I've had problems with the Win32 TDSS trojan for a few months now, and I've tried to use the advice on these forums, and others, in order to try a...


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