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Tcp/udp inbound/outbound ports blocking
Summary: I have blocked all protocols - all ports - inbound connections Does this mean if they can't inbound they can't outbound me, for example with hacks or ...

Tunneling all TCP traffic to UDP?
Summary: Hello, is it possible to tunnel all TCP traffic to UDP under port 137? ...

Do open TCP ports have to have physical con?
Summary: True or false: a server that has 5 TCP ports open must have at least 5 physical connections (5 wired cables or wireless connections) into the network?...

Connected to network but can't use Internet
Summary: Hi, I have several computers and a game console on my network. All the computers except one are wireless, including the game console. The wired comput...

Understanding output from netstat -a
Summary: Hello. I am having trouble understanding output from netstat -a I ran this command from an elevated command prompt on Windows 7 professional and I am ...

TCP Ports on router
Summary: I did a port scan of my router from within my home network. I used the program nmap and ran a TCP connect and syn scan on the router. The results sho...


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