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[Solved] Windows 8 Jump List Detached after upgrade to Windows 8.1
Summary: Hi everybody, I recently did the update from Windows 8.0 to 8.1, so I'm not sure if this issue is related, or if I did something weird. I had a short...

Background color of Windows 7 taskbar
Summary: Somehow the background color of my taskbar, including the notification area, has become black. I've searched and poked around and can't find how to co...

why does my task bar have another blue backgr
Summary: why does my task bar has another blue background around it? ...

How can I get rid of virus affecting VIsta?
Summary: I have the following symptoms: - my Windows Vista taskbar keeps reverting from the modern version to the classic (tan bar) after about 10 minutes of h...

My task bar is displayed top of my desktop
Summary: I can not move by task bar back to the bottom of the page. I have tried many things but I can not get back it back to the bottom. It had always been a...


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