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Can I cell ref to ID a tab name in a formula?
Summary: How can I use a Cell reference to indicate to a VLOOKUP formula which Tab the array data is located on. I want to be able to control the tab the vloo...

Excel If/Then Formula + List in Separate Tabs
Summary: My first tab is a master list of a bunch of people. On this list are columns with interests. What I want to do is have an X in the columns that apply ...

[Solved] how to make sheet names populate from cells
Summary: Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to make the sheet names of a workbook automatically fill with the contents of a list that is on the first she...

Need to Copy Columns in Tab Delim Text File
Summary: I have a tab delimited text file that I need to be able to copy specific columns from and then paste them into a new tab delimited text file in a cert...

TAB in echo -pleas help.
Summary: Hi everyone! I have a problem. I need to write echo with <TAB>. I wrote a script to reedit hosts config in windows but I dont know how to write ...

Macro for sorting & moving data into new tabs
Summary: Hi, I have a spreadsheet of data and I was trying to create a macro that will seperate the data my office country and copy the rest of the according d...


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