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[Solved] Audio Volume in Windows 10
Summary: I recently installed a new PC with Windows 10. The volumes are at 100%, but it is not loud enough for me hear. Can you help in anyway? Thanks,...

[Solved] Why do my speaker 'tick' every time an ad or video is loaded
Summary: I have a Dell G3 Gaming (3579) with an i5-8300H cpu, Optimus graphics, MaxAudio Pro sound and a 256 SSD hard drive installed. My question is, every ti...

PC sound not working? I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING
Summary: Hi, my sound isn't working on my computer and so far I've followed every advice to fix it but nothing has worked. I tried updating, restarting and rei...

[Solved] HP workstation xw 6200 Audio Driver Missing
Summary: Hi Every One My problem is Multimedia Audio Controller. I just bought HP xw 6200 and i installed Windows 7 32 bit. All drivers are working fine but Au...

my system audio is not working
Summary: my system audio is uninstalled by mistake ...

when I make a call the microphone goes on Mut
Summary: When I make skype call, the Microphone goes on mute automatically in my system Audio settings. it happens only when i attempt to make call. Can anybod...


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