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[Solved] CPU multiplier Throttling down during stress test (i7 7700k)
Summary: Hello all, I can't find the root cause of this problem. I'll list my specs below as well as various screens. I have searched thoroughly online to no a...

Question about GTTX 460 1GB SC Fan Speed.
Summary: When i do a EVGA OC Scanner - Stress Test for a bit the max temperature i see is about 80 C, with about 55-60 % fan speed never over that, my question...

CPU getting suspiciously hot
Summary: I am helping my dad with his pc and have just discovered that the cpu gets really hot when under load. The pc is a HP Pavilion Desktop PC an...

Create masses of file
Summary: Hi- I am trying to create a script that will "create" a large amount of files each time the script is run. To give you a background, this script is to...

Resetting randomly, NO BSOD
Summary: I have a DL 380, and I was told it was blue screening, so I put it up on the rack and powered it on, waited a day or two with no blue screen. I then ...


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