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[Solved] I only have 1 pci e bUT I need 2 is there a splitter
Summary: I bought a gpu that only supports two monitors but now I want a third monitor the problem is my motherboard only has 1 pci express slot and I need to ...

[Solved] Mag917 won't work on a splitter cable at work
Summary: I work on dual monitors at work and when trying to hook up my monitor all the monitor says is Not Supported. Do I just need a driver installed? ...

[Solved] USB Y cable Splitter to power external HDD
Summary: If you have a external HDD (like the one listed below), that requires an additional DC wall power adapter.....Could that be http://www.newegg.com/Prod...

splitter on a cox high speed cable and connect to tv!
Summary: From COX cable; need to connect high speed and tv! ...

Batch File Help!
Summary: Ok this is difficult to explain but I would like to create a batch that executes a cmdline program and then uses a cmd of that program to create a dir...

split internet signal to appease my Dad
Summary: I can't host games on my PS3 unless I am directly connected to the modem. However, when I do that I have to disconnect the router which causes us to ...


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