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Spilled acetone nail polish remover on Macbool Air (laptop)
Summary: Hi, I was using my MacBook Air and spilled a large quantity of acetone nail polish remover directly on the keyboard and trackpad. I IMMEDIATELY turned...

Laptop keyboard spill- keys not working!!
Summary: I spilled nail polish remover (acetone) all over my laptop keyboard about 24 hrs ago. I wasn't thinking & turned it on right after the spill - the key...

Keyboard liquid spill
Summary: Hi, I managed to spill a minor amount of orange juice on my keyboard, and I just wiped it of with some paper, but the next day the keys got all sticky...

Soda Sprayed onto laptop trackpad
Summary: Ok, so I did something really stupid. I am usually very careful about drinks around my laptop, but I was opening a sprite and it sprayed everywhere a...

HP laptop problems after spilled coffee
Summary: I spilled coffee in my HP laptop Now after I have cleaned the keyboard Let it dry 24 hours The "right slash - period & comma key will not work ...

I spilled water underneath my Dell laptop
Summary: Hey guys, I spilled water underneath my laptop while it's turned on. I immediately switched off the charger and lifted my laptop after from the water ...


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