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Loads of hard drive space missing
Summary: Hello, I seem to be missing a rather large amount of disk space on my hard drive. It's meant to start with 465 GB, and it says i've used much more tha...

Emachines Case Too Small
Summary: Ok my Emachine computer I bout was running slow so I upgraded the ram and bought a new graphics card. I bought a ATI Sapphire Radeon HD 5770, the 1B G...

100GB disk space missing on HDD
Summary: I have a 500 gb hdd NTFS win 7. in explorer it says im using 407 out of 465 in the hard drive properties. When I open the hard drive and highlight a...

Space in commands?
Summary: I want to put some space in my commands. Like this: @echo off :A set /P command= What do you want to do? if /I %command%==ping>yahoo ( ping

Disappearing Hard Drive Space!
Summary: I know about the system restore, temp files, recycle bin, etc. accounting for ___% of the hard drive, but this is literally going from 7 GB to 444mb o...

Lost space on external during format
Summary: Just bought a WD 750 Gb external Hard drive. I needed to format it from NTFS - FAT32 so i could see it on the PS3. After i did this using swissknife I...

Drag & drop files to batch
Summary: I've written a batch to let user drag & drop 1-5 files to be processed. It will first list all the files dropped in with path & full filenames, then s...


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