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Scheduled job is too slow.
Summary: Hello . I am experiencing a problem regarding one scheduled job on MS 2003 and I need some advises. I run a program called snapshot.exe i created a ba...

get 2 strings next to known string
Summary: How could I search a particular string from a text file and remove everything else except next two strings in Linux script? ...

Copy protect audio CD layout, TOC, and image
Summary: I want to know by using TrueCrypt, can you easily encrypt the hex editing, the TOC, and image snapshot of the audio CD only? The only problem is that ...

C program while
Summary: Write a program using a while loop that will ask the user the following Enter how many numbers you would like to add > 3 Please enter the 1 number> 2...

save vmware snapshot
Summary: Hi all, I want to transfer a VMWARE snapshot to another pc. I set up a server on my laptop but need to transfer it to my desktop. Is this possible? Pl...


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