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[Solved] How to configure Smart Card to log in pc
Summary: Hi! it's me again! does anyone how to allow user to log in their computer by using smart card without typing username and password? when we insert the...

[Solved] Built-in & USB Smart card reader drives no longer detected
Summary: Suddenly my Smart Card drives (both the built-in multicard reader and a USB plug-in multicard reader) are not showing up in My Computer. I tried Con...

event id 29 Kerberos-Key-Distribution-Center
Summary: Hi... I have two active directory on two windows server 2008 r2 replicated with each other and I notice that this warning is keep coming and I don't k...

about Domain question.
Summary: hello everyone. I have a win2003 sever. I set up a domain controller. I use the other computer as client. the other computer is windows xp. when I use...

The network is not assigning an address
Summary: My neighbors are letting us share their wireless connection. They said get a smart card and voila, but it is not assigning a network address to my com...

Smart Card Authentication HP DC7700
Summary: Interesting problem here. One of our workstations is presenting the following message and refuses to go pass this screen right at post time. "Smart c...


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