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[Solved] How to make files Smaller in size
Summary: hi, i wanted to know is there any way that i could make my files smaller in size that i don't use that much cause i have a file close to 100 Gb. and i...

[Solved] Thoughts on this tiny case?
Summary: I would like your guys thoughts on this small-itx case. Temps if curious here- https://...

Excel Formula needs to add Index to return cell information
Summary: Hello, Currently I am working with two tabs of data that do not have the same unique identifiers at the same time. I am using a series of functions ...

[Solved] operating system of extremly low resolution!
Summary: Is there any OS which are of extremly low resolution desktop/interface? like 240x320 or nearer? i tried google but in vain. i want to use them on my p...

[Solved] Puppy aint allowing me to do persistent changes!
Summary: I have lucid puppy. I like it, but the main drawback is that it does not save anything after i turn off the computer and goes back to the default sett...


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