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Stuck at BIOS after 2nd graphics card installed
Summary: After installing my second GTX 660ti on my ECS Z77h2-ax mobo, booting only leads to the ECS logo and 3 short beeps with a few seconds of space inbetwe...

P5N32-E SLI graphic card compability?
Summary: Hi you the expert, i know my hardware is out dated, actually my hardware are mobo is p5n32-e sli with 2 of GeForce 8500G, 4gb memory, CPU Q6600 an...

[Solved] Will this psu cover it?
Summary: Hello people, I'm currently building a computer and need some help with the power supply. this is the system: WD black caviar 1tb intel core i7 3770k...

pci slot 2.0 problem
Summary: Hello, while doing a fan upgrade,before i unplugged the power cord from computer,i accidentally unplugged my lower video card [sli system], now when ...

PSU and SLI GTX 560s
Summary: Hi I have just decided to get a second graphics card in my PC and go SLI. I just got my tax refund, so why not. Both cards are a GTX 560 Overclock Edi...

SLI and windows 7
Summary: Is it possible to run Duel SLI on windows 7 64bit? ...


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