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[Solved] Simulation games for this PC?
Summary: Dear, I am searching for simulation games like: bus simulator, flight simulator,... So I have a Dell OptiPlex GX620 running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. ...

towers of hanoi source code
Summary: Does anybody have the code in either C, C++ or JAVA for a simulation for the Tower of Hanoi?? Swati ...

how to rise cpu usage to 100%?
Summary: I ran a simulation progrom and it take about 20 hours to complete. In this state the cpu usage is about 15%. I want to increase cpu usage to 100% unti...

sluggish mouse response on games
Summary: On several simulation games (Call to Duty 4 and Medal of honor Airborne) the mouse reacts very sluggishly and response time lags significantly ...

Ollllld pc game search
Summary: when I was very young i played a game on our mac, in mid to late 80s. You were a guy,if i knew his name that would help I'm sure, I dont recall there ...


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