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Why does my computer do this?
Summary: Started yesterday and has only occurred a few when I was watching a movie after about 10 mins in it froze, same when I was watching a video(...

My monitor shuts off during games, but the computer stays on
Summary: Hey! I bought this computer 1 year ago, It's really expensive and has really good components! This computer was working fine for some months, the my p...

compaq presario cq61-420us will not reboot after shut down
Summary: compaq presario cq61-420us will not reboot after shut down or if battery dies and it goes off. Pressing power button to reboot sounds as if it is tur...

Gateway eMachines W5243 shuts off after boot.
Summary: Okay, so my boyfriend has the Gateway eMachines W5243 that he got as a hand-me-down, and it was working fine for about eight months when it finally st...

DV7 Turns on, 1 sec then off, CPU fan turning
Summary: DV7 Turns on for about a second, then shuts off, with/without battery connected/not connected to AC, can hear CPU fan spin up. Opened, cleaned, reseat...

pc shuts off
Summary: When I turn on my old computer nothing will load and it shuts off. The pc will start but nothing will load,then the power goes off and the screen goe...


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