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Basic batch file review help.
Summary: Hey all, i'm having trouble running the following batch file that's part of the review topic for an exam I have. I don't think the script is written p...

[Solved] variable in a variable
Summary: This is what I am trying to do: set %x%1=%s1:~%v%,3% which is: set t1=%s1:~0,3% The problem is that it thinks %s1:~% and %,3% are variables with a v b...

set /p command problem
Summary: Hi, I am trying to make a simple batch file but I am frustrated about the problem below. Just in case, I have only begun to make batch files so please...

Read File from batch program
Summary: Hello All, I am searching an exe file using DOS and writing it to a temp file. Command for Searching is dir /s /b winword.exe > temp.bat The output o...


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