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I want to create domain user which is admin of local compute
Summary: I want to create domain user which is administrator of local computer but the thing is that i m not go to local computer and add the user becousethe u...

how to connet SQL Server 2005 to VB.Net 2008
Summary: Hi all, I am net to the .NET and really need this help. i have my friends records in the SQL Server. i can use SQL statement to query data at the Serv...

Shared folders gone from dir yet available
Summary: Three shared folders on the 2003 file server disappeared. I tried viewing hidden files, searching using command line, nothing. Yet, the users can s...

how can i use cmd prompt
Summary: i am using win xp. as a client , i am not able to access my cmd prompt , there are some resitrictions from server side, so how can i access ...

Domain change & Exchange
Summary: We have a new domain that has been up for around 3 months. We would like to drop the old domain as quickly as possible. Is it possible for Exchange ...

text input in HTML
Summary: Hi! How to write code for (text input in HTML)? Somebody fills in a form and then send the content of the form to my email by clicking (send button)....


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