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VBA to Check if Email Sent/Not Sent and Display Text+Date
Summary: I have a code to generate and display an email using some data in an excel sheet. The email is generated based on an initial range of cells, let's cal...

Why can't I send email from Thunderbird any more?
Summary: You've asked me to sign in; told me that I already have an account. Said I needed to change my password. I have tried about six times. Why won't yo...

Can your ISP send you your surfing logs?
Summary: I read that your ISP keeps a log of everything that you have accessed through the internet. Can they send someone (except police and legal authorities...

fax and internet
Summary: i have xp fax console and to the same computer , i have connected adsl internet line from 4 ports wifi router. please help me to send and receive f...

Yahoo! Messenger is not working!!!!
Summary: Everytime I log in into Yahoo! Messenger, a stupid "don't send" error appears, so I must close the program everytime it does. It's annoying!! What ...


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