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Optical drives on a SAS3 HBA(Broadcom 3008)
Summary: My motherboard has an onbaord SAS 3 RAID controller but it is unable to detect any optical drives. Removable media support is turned on. These optical...

[Solved] Server PCIE slot failed. how can i get data off SAS drive
Summary: i have an pci e contoller. can i plug that into my pci e slot on one of my workstations and be able to get the data off my sas drives. The server was ...

Adapter for SAS HDD for Windows 7 computer
Summary: Bought a SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) HDD instead of SATA: Can I use an adapter on my PC ...

SAS Disk Show duplicate disk
Summary: I have a new IBM Blade Center HS22/7878, Once i created one RAID 5 disk from the HDD pool,but during the Redhat installtion the disk is show twice,it ...

core i3 compatibility with SAS drives
Summary: I have to choose between following two servers. The specs are as below: My preference: x3200 M3, Core 2C i3-540 73W 3.06GHz/1333MHz/4MB, SS 3.5in S...

no driver for my webcam
Summary: i pluged in my webcam for a progrem and it dos not work sas have no drivers for it ...


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