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Slow internet Response time?
Summary: Hey guys, I have just setup a Windows Server box, setup RRAS, DNS, and DHCP, which is all working fine. But it seems to be running slow, for the first...

RRAS routing problem
Summary: OK - here goes Two subnets and The .0.0 subnet is based in one building and the 20.0 in another. They're connected by a dedic...

How to share a 3G modem in windows 2K server?
Summary: Fellows, how can I share a 3G modem connection in a server running win 2000 server with RRAS active, wether the option "Sharing" does not appear in th...

Limit VPN users to 1 connection per username
Summary: Hi , I have VPN server (RRAS) installed on windows 2003 . 1-How can I limit VPN users to one connection per username . 2-I want user's password be ...


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