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[Solved] Screen off-center, in-game, directX 10 only
Summary: It's only started happening recently (past week or so), I started up Saints Row the Third and the image was about two inches to the right. I fixed it ...

Window XP logged on as Administrator by no Admin. Right
Summary: I am the only user and administrator of my Window XP system. The problem is after I logged in, cannot open anything. Window keeps saying I do not have...

Bizarre menu flashing problem with MSO 2003
Summary: I have a user that is experiencing a strange issue with the whole Office 2003 Suite. Whenever she right-clicks, the context menu flashes and instantly...

Add batch file to context menu?
Summary: Hi there, basically I've created a compiler batch file for my Fortran 95 scripting and would like a "Compile" option to appear on any ".f95" file that...

right click on mouse not working, its new!
Summary: My mouse right click button wasn't working, so I bought a new one. The new mouse is different than the one I had, but the right click still isnt worki...

Right-clicking window 7 desktop freeze PC
Summary: hello. can any one help??? when i try to right click on my desktop my pc start to freezen stuck. then, i try multi click n pop-up show that say wind...


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