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my power supply cannot handle my 1 gig video Why?
Summary: 500 watt power supply under powered, I have a 3.2ghz quad core 4mb cache 4 gig ram 1Tb HD 1gig video card and cannot run a cheap graphical game like R...

Overclocking intel quad 2.4
Summary: Let me start off with my comp stats before we get into questions.. windows 7 intel quad 2.4 Q6600 4 gigs of ram nvidia geforce gtx 275 foxconn - MCP73...

Error Code {D7A022A-C132-4B6F-67B5117DE93}
Summary: First occurred when I tried to download initial patch for the game, RIFT. Message read as follows: "Another version is already installed. Cannot con...

slow motion while playing rift and wow
Summary: WoW and Rift slowmotion every 5 minutes, had no problems with wow before, and rift worked fine on the free trial. recently upgraded from windows xp to...


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