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Repeater to Wirless Modem Router Wirelessly
Summary: Hi, Can any one help me with the following problem: I want to connect a Netgear WRN3500 wireless reapeater to DGN1000 ADSL2 wirless modem wirelessly, ...

can't connect to Linksys router,
Summary: I am trying to set up a wireless repeater at home and it requires that I get configuration settings from my wireless router. However I can't access t...

How to fix problems with my range extender?
Summary: I just bought a range extender to give me a better signal in the new addition on my house. I got the extender all set up, and found out that it won't ...

Extending wireless range
Summary: I was wondering if it is possible to use my old Belkin pre-n wireless router as a repeater to extend my wireless range in the house and how would i se...

Extending a wireless network
Summary: I was wondering if it was possible to use the Thomson Speedtouch 570 as a wireless repeater rather than a Wireless Modem. I would like to extend the r...


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