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Summary: I tried logging on to today, and it redirected me to a site called "" The page looked similar to's login site,...

IE and Firefox keep redirecting and opening
Summary: Opening random tabs. For IE I continue to be redirected, haven't noticed any random tabs opening. For Firefox, it seems to be both. I have run Spyb...

Explorer.exe infected and Google redirects
Summary: I am having a lot of problems trying to remove malware from my system. Initially, I managed to catch Security Suite and removed it from my computer. ...

URL Redirecting. Google and more
Summary: Hi, I saw a post with a very similar issue to me. What happens is if i type anything in on google, the page loads fine, but when i click a link it re...

Google redirects
Summary: Anytime I try and do a search through Google, it sends me to different web sites. also, if I am looking at something that has a price, it is not from...


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