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Little Box appears aol
Summary: why do I get a little box with a red x on it and ok in the middle on aol ...

why do i get no images on email just a red x
Summary: Why am I just getting an email to my Yahoo email address with no images, just a box in the upper left hand corner of each intended pic with a red X in...

[Solved] attachment will not open instead a red x
Summary: I use Outlook Express email..recently i get in my attachments a small red x in the left top corner,,,attachment not there just the little red x.....ho...

red x shows when viewing JPG on my computer
Summary: Hello, Lately, for some reason, when I go to view some image files (mainly JPGs) that I have created in Photoshop through explorer on my computer, al...

My desktop says I'm not connected when I am?
Summary: At the lower right corner the icon that shows if you are connected to the internet has a red X over it opposed to saying I am connected to the intern...

red x in email outlook express & incredimail
Summary: red x in outlook express using windows xp and red x in incredimail using windows 7 i have un checked the block external pitures in the security ...


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