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Reading/Searching a File Whilst it is Being Edited?
Summary: Hi I can't seem to find any information on what happens if you read/search a file using a Windows Batch File when the file still needs to be editable ...

Realtime audio on single board computer
Summary: What's the best single board computer for realtime audio? I would like to convert Mp3 to MIDI in realtime and then do something if specific pitch play...

my pc shuts down and back on in the middle o
Summary: I have an hp dvd/cd writer and Im using realtime to curn cd's its was ok but now its shuts offf and back on about 10 seconds after its starts to burn....

Display in another text box
Summary: I want to make the sample textbox to display the text from the prefix and suffix textbox instantly when I finis...

Excel-Time difference between two times
Summary: hi, i am trying to put together an event spreadsheet in excel that include a realtime running clock and multiple time to next event (count down timer)...


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