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[Solved] How can I remove 'read-only' for a MicroSD card?
Summary: I was copying files from my MicroSD card in my phone to my Windows 10 PC via a USB cord. I had TeraCopy installed so my PC was making use of it for th...

[Solved] can't unset read-only property on folders
Summary: I copied a folder from a USB flash drive to my hard disk. The program that I want to use to work with those files encounters an error & won't start. ...

Read-only memory BSOD with Stop error 0x000000BE
Summary: I uses Windows 7 Ultimate, and it's been acting up lately, showing up BSODs repeatedly. It says: An attempt was made to write to read-only memory. Tec...

Filesystem woes + Files marked as archive
Summary: After being frustrated with windows XP and its constant security problems, not being able to trust Microsoft much any more and a various other reasons...

Files marked as archive / read-only
Summary: Many of my file have been marked as read-only and marked with the archive attribute in windows XP after using ubuntu, what could cause this? Did squas...


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