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[Solved] PC power off randomly issue resolved
Summary: I had the same issue. I built my 8 core system fully loaded I know my beast intimately. I used the process of ellimination method and discovered after...

i try to make an array of objects!
Summary: import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.Arrays; import java.lang.String; import java.lang.NullPointerException; public...

[Solved] Windows 7 wakes automatically from sleep mode
Summary: Hi, It had happened several times already. My desktop just randomly starts from hibernation in the middle of the night. It happens every 1-2 months, ...

My PC randomly lags/slows down
Summary: Computer randomly lags/slows down. A couple of days ago I turned my computer on(it was in sleep mode) and I had gotten a message that said I need to r...

[Solved] How to sort rows randomly in Microsoft Excel?
Summary: I have a table sorted from A - Z, I need is to sort it in random values, ie, without following any criteria, for example, A, H, J, A, K, L, S, O , R, ...


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