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vdisk.sys file of DOS6.22
Summary: I'm trying to make work an old program which needs vdisk.sys of DOS6.22 to run normally but this file is missing. Can someone help me? Thanks ...

Switching between ramdrive and floppy
Summary: I have a serious problem. I have a ramdrive that I setup using xmsdsk. When I switch drives between the floppy (a:) and the ramdrive (d:) and then ret...

Using a RamDrive to Emulate a Floppy Drive
Summary: I need to emulate a floppy drive to host the answer file for a Windows XP install. Is this possible? I really want to avoid needing to use USB floppy...

novell netware 6.5 - make ramdrive on server?
Summary: How to make a ramdrive on netware server? Novell Netware 6.5 server. 2 GB RAM on server and i would like to make and mount 500 MB ramdrive on server. ...


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