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PS2 Emulator for Ubuntu32 bit?
Summary: is there any 32 bit PS2 emulator for Ubuntu? i own two roms and the original bios and i wanna give it a try on my PC, as my PS2 hardware is damaged. I...

how to use a usb on ps2
Summary: I want to listen to the music I have in my USB on my Playstation 2. ...

how to make dell kmm console mouse work
Summary: We have a Dell PowerEdge Rack Console 17FP (Dell 1U - LCD - (17in) - with DELL Rack Rails), after the keyboard instalation the built-in mouse doesn't ...

PS/2 keyboard works in BIOS but not Windows?
Summary: i have a ps2 keyboard that does not work in windows but does in bios. i have tried other keybards and uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers umerous....


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