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[Solved] prototype (1) runs very slowly
Summary: Have a fast PC with plenty of memory but despite running this game from my SSD it runs too slowly to be able to play it. h g a ...

[Solved] Whats wrong with building 2 pc's in one wood case?
Summary: Im going to sound negative but im not understanding why so many people ask can so many pc geeks lack so much imagination?Anyway im building th...

Bought Prototype 2 with free prototype code but it expired
Summary: Last Saturday I was going to Wal-Mart to Buy Prototype 2. As I was looking at the game I noticed it said that there was a code inside to download Prot...

prototype card not working
Summary: i got prototype 2 the game and i got this piece of paper and it says prototype download your free game and i went to the web site it told me to go to ...


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