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[Solved] Where i can get more cool stuff for scripting in batch?
Summary: Hello, am Maxly. Me need some stuff for scripting in batch, stuff like cmdmenusel or batbox, so i can make more fun stuff like PC2, Useful tools, TWP ...

How to open ntx files on windows 2000
Summary: What program do i need to download to open old file extensions like 'NTX or ARJ - MDB & DBF!??? My system runs on Win '98 And i try to overboot it to...

how to add, delete, update record by SQL st.?
Summary: Write down the statement by using SQL statement to add, delete, update any record? ...

I need a batch file copy folders from a list
Summary: i have a notepad file with a list of folder names. what i need is a batch file that will read from the text file and copy the folders and move it to a...

My Windows keeps asking me to chose a program
Summary: Hello, Well i don't know wether my computer is either a Windows XP or 7 but either way it won't let me do much without chosing a program for it and m...


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