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How to DISABLE Incognito and InPrivate Browsing
Summary: How do you permanently disable Google's Incognito Private Browsing, Firefox Private Browsing and IE9 InPrivate Browsing? I do not want my kids to be a...

I want to know if i can hide my web histoy.
Summary: privacy in the web, I have a new laptop and I want to know if my verizon router will store my browsing history if I use Incognito mode or privacy mode...

How to assign public IP to 1 PC?
Summary: I have a EchoLife HG520c Router and theres only 1 PC connected to it, the real IP (external or public) is "", the private IP (internal ...

Setup public WiFi access point for my store
Summary: I have a private wireless network in my store and would like to add a public wireless access point. Can I do this with the one router (and how) or do ...

setup access point on semi-private net
Summary: This doesn't really have anything to do with a specific product. I recently stayed in a hotel (big chain) that offered only paid wired broadband in th...


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