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acer predator cant upgrade video card can anyone help me?
Summary: I have Predator G3620 and we tried to install 650 ti yesterday but wont get a signal...but plug the same card in my buddies comp and work just fine......

Acer Predator G3610 - Adding optial second drive?
Summary: I have an Acer (Aspire) Predator G3610 desktop and I would like to add a second optical drive. There is a drive bay for it and connections for it - j...

Iomega Predator External CD-RW Drive recognis
Summary: When I insert any CD in the Predator, it does not recognise the CD, although the Predator is recognised by Windows 7. ...

run time error in my code
Summary: It is required to create a simple two-dimensional predator-prey game. In this game the prey are ants and the predators are doodlebugs. These critters ...

Problem thit a game grafics
Summary: Hi then I try to play new game such a Avatar or Alien vs predator 2010 my screan begun to flashin I can see the charakter and wals but jungles are afa...


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