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Power supply or mobo fan not working.
Summary: I shut down my pc at the switch (yes I know, duh) and now it will not power up. The led power light comes on at the motherboard and after some conside...

sudden power loss on 2 different motherboards
Summary: Recently I had an issue with my computer losing total power. I tried all the conventional tests and even though the power supply was old it would sti...

Why do i loose Power on my Toshiba laptop?
Summary: I have a satellite p305d-s8995e that has been a great computer up until yesterday. I just got done loading pictures from an sd card, was going thru th...

Compaq Presario S5000NX bios settings reset?
Summary: Hello, MY little sisters Compaq Presario S5000NX an the bios settings keep reseting when the computer is unplugged causing date/time and everying to g...

Loss of USB power
Summary: Hi, Its been a while I've been getting this problem and yesterday it really annoyed me to the point that now I want to find out what is going on. What...


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