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Entry-level access to Wi-Fi
Summary: Assume I know nothing, because that's close to the truth. What would I need to access Wi-Fi at minimal cost on a portable device, just to test it ou...

can i remove wpd composite device
Summary: Dear anyone, Every time I start up my computer, I see WPD (Windows Portable Device) running. I don't know this is good or bad. However, I want to remo...

my hard drive is not working.It as stoped.
Summary: how can i fix my seagate portable usb device. I have important work on my device and now all of sudden it will not show when I plug it in, PLease can ...

does it hurt to run laptop without battery?
Summary: the battery is shot ...

Can I run laptop without battery pack?
Summary: HP Pavilion can I use without the battery pack when plugged in to electricity. th power stays on a couple of minutes ...


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