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Possible bad virus I can not get rid of!
Summary: Hi, I've read some old forums and did some troubleshooting based on replies people in the past advised. I do not know if they are all the same one or...

why do i keep getting redirected
Summary: Hey hows it going? I have a big problem! I keep getting Redirected to this weird page called wellaction or something like that everytime i try and ...

HELP!!!! Is my infected PC going to crash?
Summary: So I am pretty sure I have a virus of some sort. When I turn on my computer I have many security warning notifications pop up. I cannot open any of my...

Random Pop Ups problem
Summary: Both Firefox and Internet Explorer have been giving pesky pop ups, while I only use Firefox, the pop ups alternate browsers. Thank you for any help. ...

Google Redirects & Pop Ups
Summary: I actually got this twice from what I believe was from a torrent. It is much better now but the redirectes are a real pain. It happens after clicking ...


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