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On what platform it is better to develo the website?
Summary: On what platform it is better to develop the website for online of casino, such as nz casino ? What it is better to begin development of a mobile app...

i want to play zynga poker wont allow me without adobe flas
Summary: want to use zynga poker but won"t allow me without adobe flash player,internet explorer isn"t allowing me to download . ...

cant get rid of alert sign
Summary: ive been playing texas holem 4 years this is the first time for me i played a game of texas holde had to leave for ten minuets then i came back on my ...

[Solved] i cant get to zynga poker
Summary: i cant open zynga poker, a message said: you couldn't connect to the server. the server maybe down for maintenance. your firewall maybe blocking acce...

Fix for Zynga Poker Ports 9339 and 843
Summary: Fix your Zynga Poker connection problem by opening Ports 9339 and 843, TCP and UDP on your router and PC. Make sure you have the latest version of Fla... random poker deal
Summary: trying to make a poker game, how do l show random cards on form when all card .gif's are in a folder ...


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