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Images on my laptop screen have visiblepixels
Summary: Hi. Is anybody can help me with the issue in my SOny Vaio laptop? Since last week all the images on a screen is having a visible pixels on it inste...

Dell Trinitron 20 Monitor: Size in pixels?
Summary: I'm looking at a newer 20" monitor with a flat screen and 2048 x 1536 pixels. Is this any better than my current one? My Dell Trinitron 20" works fine...

Monitor replacing some black pixels
Summary: Hi Since yesterday my monitor (Samsung SM 2433BW) has been replacing some black pixels with red/green flashing ones. This only occurs on black but not...

Video driver wont install
Summary: Hello, here is another real challenge: Simply put happened that suddenly it crashed, the screen went black and then showed that blue screen of death f...

annoying problem with my laptop screen
Summary: Well, I have a small but very annoying problem with my laptop screen. It has a kind of pixely effect which is subtle when using the internet or other...


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