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how to usb tether on my linux pc from my android phone?
Summary: I really wanted to use internet on my linux PC through my android 4.2.2 jelly bean phone. I don't have windows. I use peppermint 5, which is based on ...

How can I improve my speed?
Summary: I am currently getting 0.5-1 mpbs on my extension phonesocket. The router has to be there: it can't be moved. When I tested the router on the test soc...

Internet goes off when someone finishes call
Summary: My Internet disconnects (xbox live which is hardwired into the router and wireless on laptop) after someone puts the phone down? getting rather anoyin...

Google phone service (Gmail phone) plugin?
Summary: Alan Browne Aug 26, 8:05 pm Does Google provide a browser plug in for the iPad to use its new Gmail phone? ref:

why is the top half of my phone black
Summary: My top half of my phone is blacked out, but the touchscreen part still works, i just cant see anything. Could you tell me whats wrong please? maybe be...

play same audio feed from front and rear jack
Summary: Hi I've recently upgraded to windows 7 and installed the latest Realtek drivers, those it seems that Realtek's "features" are more counter-productive ...


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