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[Solved] Is it possible that I got a virus
Summary: O accidentally clicked on a link that sent me to a phishing site I closed it almost immediately , I didn't put any info and nothing was downloaded (th...

I got a 'you have been hacked' message in my junk box?
Summary: I was reporting it as a phishing scam, also my homepage changed. Lexmark wanted to make changes, and I mistakenly said yes, on my 2 year old E-machine...

How to remove phishing or reduce internet ?
Summary: How to remove phishing or reduce internet security or when ever onebrowse the any website, gets an yellow bar on top of browser - that it has blocked ...

how to open compressed zip file sent by DHL
Summary: i was sent a compressed zip attached file by DHL express it contain some vital information to me.please help because i cnt open it ...

someone is using my email address - phishing?
Summary: I received an email with same address as mine, but different provider. It was in my spam folder. I deleted without opening. Is someone phishing? S...

Got a threat from a phishing site
Summary: Accidentally I clicked a phishing site( Now I'm not able to access facebook. That site has probably put a malware,trojan or a spywa...


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