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[Solved] Phenom II x4 960t 3.2ghz + GTX 650 ti -- bottleneck ?
Summary: Hi, I'm gonna get from a friend tomorrow this Phenom x4 (not sure if 3.2 Mhz or 3.0 tho) and I wanna know if this build with my GTX and 4gb of ram ddr...

PC freezing up and becoming non-responsive requiring reboot
Summary: I'm having a lot of Freezing issues... Here we go.. So,whenever I launch a game, say through a game client (e.g. Steam, Origin, etc.) or even on a sta...

What mobo to choose?
Summary: Hi everyone, I just bought a Phenom II 965 Black Ed. and two sticks of 2 gig OCZ Special Ops. DDR3 1600 RAM (timings are 8-8-8-24) for a new system...

Wanting to Upgrade My Bargain Basement!!!!!!!
Summary: OK here is my issue. I am wanting to upgrade my processor something a bit my ummmm Beastly. I know that i am confined by my cheapo bargain basement ri...


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