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can not remember the pattern for unlocking my touchpad cnm 7
Summary: can't go to my home menu because screen is locked. what do i do please. Its a CNM 7" touchpad. ...

How to remove a part of file which has a definite pattern
Summary: The filenames are like %262349.01%_20121001-004253.262349 2012100104190517466_20121001-041916 I need to remove the...

[Solved] Counting the number of a specific files in a folder
Summary: Hello, I am trying to count the number of .bin files in my folder that include a particular name pattern. I basically need to count how many such file...

Directory Path Match Certain Pattern
Summary: Hi All I am very new to Dos Script, however I have a task on hand which I believe will be most efficient to execute in Dos Scipt(.BAT). I will run thi...

For/While Loops for patterns
Summary: Ok here's my problem. I have been working at this for hours upon end it seems like and I just need someone to help point me in the right direction H...


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