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[Solved] How to convert PATA to SATA in laptop?
Summary: I have an old HP Pavilion that uses a PATA/IDE hard drive, I have a spare SSD I wouldn't mind using for it but my ventures for an adapter were fruitle...

[Solved] Hdd keeps forgetting os
Summary: I have this hdd that refuse to remember its operating system. In the past, I was trying to install windows 7 in it. However, after the os have install...

how much are pata hard drives?
Summary: where can I purchase a pata desktop hard drive? ...

i have two pata hdd. out of which when one is added, os take
Summary: when i add a particular HDD the OS takes too much time to lo ...

How to connect SATA and PATA
Summary: Hi, I am currently having a 80GB PATA(IDE) Drive. I would like to buy a 1TB hard Disk. But i can get only SATA drives in the market. I would like to u...

Dual boot XP & Vista from 2 separate PATA HDD
Summary: I'm curious if i am able to dual boot windows xp or vista from two separate hard drives both being PATA??? ...


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