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how to parse a text file based on a field
Summary: Sorry for the newbie question. I need to split my text file into separate files based on the second delimited field. I would prefer to do this with a...

[Solved] Need to read one line at a time from a .csv file using .bat
Summary: I'm attempting to automate something at work that requires minimal background process. Normally I'd use C#, but this is problematic, as part of what ...

Batch file to Delete 1st values in a CSV file
Summary: Hi, I have an automated report that I need to take the dirty CSV file and get rid of the first line "SiteScope Monitor Summary Report," and the return...

read line of text and create new text file
Summary: I have several text files that look like this: "\\\\serv1\\prin34"="winspool,Ne03:" "\\\\serv1\\prin37"="winspool,Ne04:" "\\\\serv1\\prin38_PS"="winsp...


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