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Rescuing a corrupted/overwritten file
Summary: Last week I deleted a single file (.txt extension) from the Desktop. It sat in the recycle bin for about a day before I finally emptied it. Only now d...

how to recover overwitten PDF files
Summary: Hi, I have overwritten a PDF file by mistake, the file was closed when I did such a big mistake, so all I want to find the previous saves or any back ...

how did the folders on my external disappear?
Summary: Recently my main computer got a virus. I had an external hard drive with my boyfriends files on it. I put what i could fit (of my pictures music etc) ...

restore original image after cropping
Summary: using OS windows 7. i cropped a photo and clicked "save" icon, assuming i would be asked to overwrite the original/create a copy or the program would ...

Repair corrupted PDF files after recovery
Summary: Hello all! I accidentally deleted a PDF file (and emptied the recycle bin) and several days later used recover software (RStudio, plus two others) to ...


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