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[Solved] How to connect surround sound receiver to TV?
Summary: Hello everyone, This question probably sounds simple due to the title, but I think it's a bit more complex than you might think. I just purchased a ne...

Engage optical mouse freezes or moves by itself
Summary: My Engage optical mouse, which I understand is Office Max's house brand produced by Logitech, did not come with any software/driver to download. Too ...

[Solved] CD/DVD Drive wont read disks
Summary: My Cd/DVD Drive has ceased reading disks. It will make a sound as if it's constantly trying to boot up, but with no success. The issue it's having is ...

Primary master drive - atapi incompatible
Summary: I built a bare bones pc through my school and I am having a hard time getting it to boot. It states: Auto-Detecting SATA 1..ATAPI CD-ROM Auto-Detecti...

Hardware optical lightscribe dvd drive
Summary: im useing my laptop presario cq60 219tu, currently vista ultimate installed how ever my optical drive is comppletley missing from mty computer? i have...


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