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[Solved] Zoom Adaptor to convert Smart Media Card to Memory Stick
Summary: What kind of a zoom adaptor would be needed to convert an Olympus Camedia C-3000 Smart Media Card to a memory stick? Is such an adaptor even availab...

[Solved] Postage rates out of the US
Summary: I have an Olympus Camedia Printer which uses dye sublimation paper. Unfortunately the printer has been discontinued for some time and I am no longer ...

Buttons do not work on Olympus TG-610
Summary: My Olympus TG-610 will turn on and take a picture with the current settings but none of the buttons on the back of it will work. Once the internal me...

problems with Olympus Pink Camera
Summary: Im having a few problems with the olympus PE-3010 pink camera that i have. I was given it in august 2009 and it worked fine until about February 2010....


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