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[Solved] Can not open Anything but docs. No IE, all antivirus etc off
Summary: Every time I try to go online internet explorer I click and nothing happens. All anti virus' do the same thing. Anti Maleware same thing. I can go t...

Internet Access over LAN blocked but connectd
Summary: Dear friends I have a problem with my LAN. We are having a workgroup of 12 Pc connected using a switch (hub) having all Windows XP SP2 and some of the...

[Solved] Pros and cons of turning one of the cores OFF
Summary: I have a Laptop with intel i5 580 processor. Its a dual core laptop with hyper threading, which means it works like 4 cores and has turbo boost as you...

[Solved] Turn off rounding in Excel
Summary: I see many people with formatting issues and the "Precision as Displayed" function doesn't solve the problem either. The problem is typing in a number...

My computer los off in a specific time
Summary: My mother setup up something on our pc after I had a fight with my brother with the computer. So maybe as a punishment, she gave maybe a scheduled tim...

Html or java
Summary: Does anyone know a browser langauge that when you go on a page, and click a button it will remember what you clicked. EXAMPLE: i go and click off i co...


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