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Set a random number up to a value stored
Summary: Hello all, I'm having some trouble to find a way out of this: I want to rename a random file in a folder (all files are numbers starting from 1, and I...

win7 batch convert string to number
Summary: Hi, I have a folder within which there are multiple subfolders recursively. all these sub folders are named with a timestamp e.g. c:\test\201011241425...

upper row number keys are not working
Summary: For example, when I press -, I get -0, when I press 2, the help screen appears, when I 6, 67 appears, etc. Also, when I press shift and any of the upp...

interaction with my dice roller batch file.
Summary: I recently wrote an RPG Dice Roller program in batch. I'm trying to make it so that when you type in something other than a number into the dice rolle...

VB 2008 - No repeat random number generator
Summary: I am creating a version of Deal or No Deal for a school project. However, in order to make sure that each time a case is picked in the game, a random ...

Inserttng bullet/number list makes word crash
Summary: I have Word 2003 running on Windows XP. Every time I hit the "insert bullets" or "insert numbered list" buttons on the toolbar, Word crashes. This jus...


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